Best Drugstore Foundation Reviews & Buying Guides 2018

As a woman, I deserve to look beautiful. Thanks to the different drugstore, they invented so many make-ups and foundation to help women to keep their skin beautiful and natural. Today I will talk about some of the best drugstore foundation, which is popular among woman for their performance in the skin. With these foundations, your skin will look natural and beautiful. Foundations play in the skin by covering all marks and uneven tone and gives the skin a flawless look. Skin problem creates lacking in confidence; the foundations help you a boost in confidence. Also, the foundation contributes to keeping the discolor skin and tattooed part hide and a fresh look. But it is important to know which foundation is best for which skin. The foundations I have picked here is best for all skin types. Check the foundations and decide which one is best for you. Before picking make sure you know your skin type. Because this is the main thing to apply the foundation.

Why should you trust us?

Trust Us

About foundation, you have to use the best product as it is about your skin. If you ruin your skin, then you have nothing. Then you have to be alert from where you are taking products for your skin use.

As for us, we are working with woman skin and health for long years. We are committed to them to improve their health daily by ensuring the best products. It is not easy to track best drugstore foundation in retail shops. So we decided to start a website with best foundations and beauty products for the woman. There we have given the entire platform to the users and encouraged them to talk about the best and worst beauty products. By this, we can select the best products for the skin. A trusted site has all the honest reviews from true customers.

The beauty products are a sensitive product as it works with sensitive part of the body. We make sure the products are perfect for every skin type.

As we have the online shop, there is no chance to check or test the product. We have to return policy if the shade doesn't match with the skin because we know it is must to match the shade with the skin.

Our transaction policy is online base, and it is transparent. We have all the record of our payment.

Information and contact of our team members are updated and 24/ seven open.

All the foundations are tested and analyzed by us. We used our personal experience and user experience to pick the best foundation for the customers.

The information of our clients are safe with us, and we give a full guarantee.

How did we pick:

You can’t pick a foundation just by what is written on the bottle. You have to pick the best one depending on the skin type. Sometimes you will see the label is saying the foundation is best for your skin, but when you apply it your skin will not match with the shade, and you will look.Ah never mind. So it is must to do some little tricks while picking up the best drugstore foundation.


The tricks are:

1. Take the bottle close to your neck:

While choosing the foundation, it is very confusing to match the shade. The common mistake we made while choosing foundation is applying on the hand. But the fact is, the color of your hand and face color doesn’t match. Confused? Well, the right way is to hold the foundation near to your neck. The neck color will help you to pick the best color foundation for your skin. Ensure enough light and mirror while choosing the perfect foundation.

2. Know the colors of your undertones:

After knowing the skin color, you have to know about your undertone. How to figure it? At first, know the place of your undertone. The place is near your cheek and eyes. And another one is close to your forehead. Pick the undertone color from these areas.

3. Know your skin type:

Pick the best foundation based on your skin type, not your skin tone. Because a foundation works on the skin by giving a matte finish look or hydrating glowing look. So if you don’t know the skin type, then your skin will look horrible after applying the wrong foundation. Just remember one thing, if your skin is oily then apply matte foundation and if your skin is dry then apply hydrate foundation.

4. Check the color:

If you want to use two shades, do not take deep shades both. Take one shade lighter than the other one. Liquid foundation is not as deep as it looks in the bottle.

Try applying these tricks while picking the best drugstore foundation. This will help you to pick the perfect one.

How we tested?

Lab test

After picking one for your skin now, it is time for testing. Which is very important. The skin type is important while testing. No matter the type – dry oily or combined, the skin type has to match with the foundation. Or else you will look alien in front of all.

We tested all the foundations on every skin type to figure out the best foundation for you. Our testing process:

Ingredients Prime

Every foundation has the different formula for different skin type. Because for dry skin you have to use moisturizing foundation, for oily skin you have to choose powder foundation, which will observe the oil and give a matte look. For combined skin, you have to choose the perfect foundation formula. So try to test the foundation formula on your skin to test whether it is perfect for you or not.

Skin protector foundation:

Primer Texture

Take the foundation that will help you to protect and improve your sensitive skin. Like if you have acne in skin use foundation which has zit-fighting salicylic acid. If you have an extra dry skin use serum soaked foundation. And try to use a foundation with SPF 15 to more, it will help you to get the well-protected skin.

Coverage type:

Primer Coverage

If you like, a very natural look then try the light foundation. If you want to have a party look then use medium coverage foundation and if you want to keep all the skin flaws cover then use full coverage foundation. The coverage is the best option for those who have the skin problems like discoloration or vitiligo.

Check wrist vein to know your undertone:

Need To know

The wrist vein helps to figure out the undertone of your undertone. If your wrist vein is olive, then your undertone is warm. If the wrist vein is blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone and if the vein is blue – green then the undertone is neutral. After determining, the undertone then chooses the shade for the undertone. For warm tone choose yellow or peach base shadow, pin shade is best for cool tones, and yellow shade is best for the neutral shade.

Make your shade:

Primer Shades

You can make your shade by mixing different shades of foundation. But before mixing makes sure the shades are perfect for your skin. By making own shade, your skin will get a beautiful glowing look.

At A Glance: Our Choices for The Best Drugstore Foundation

Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation is fully responsible for giving you flawless, healthy skin. This foundation is the pack of vitamin elements that are healthy food for your skin.

If your age is 30 +, then you have to use Almay Age Essentials Makeup Foundation. This foundation works superbly as anti-ageing skin. After using this foundation, your skin will stay moisten and young for a long time.

Wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation ensures a flawless and matte look of your skin. If you have the flaw in your skin, this skin will help to improve

If you have sensitive skin with the flaw, then use Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation Makeup. Your skin will be perfect without any flaw, and your makeup will stay for 12 hours.

L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Face Pro-Glow Foundation gives every skin type a glowing look with flawless skin. Every skin type is safe with this foundation.

If you have oily and pore skin then Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation Makeup is perfect for your skin. After applying this foundation, your skin will have matte finished look with the glow.

E.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation is for acne porn skin. Not every foundation has the formula to fight acne. This foundation has the formula and helps to improve the skin by fighting with the acne.

NYX Cosmetics Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation is for those skins, which has scars and marks. You will be amazed when you see the magic of the foundation, which works so superbly.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation is a unique liquid foundation that is cushioned in foam. You can use this foundation by tapping on the area. You can make the coverage light deep by tapping more and more.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint is the popular and effective foundation brand for the skin. This foundation is best for every skin type and stays for 24 hours. Your skin will look fresh and natural. No one will guess that you have applied any foundation.

After using the whole bunch of makeup and foundation, one thing is always desirable, that is flawless, healthy skin. With Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation, you can get a beautiful glowing skin with the healthy look. This foundation is hydrating and vitamin soaked. You will get Vitamins B3, E, B5 plus and the SPF is 20. For the elements, the skin stays healthy and gives the beautiful glow. The foundation has deep to light shade. You do not need a large amount to apply to a face. Take some little in amount and blend it on a face.


  • The foundation has Vitamin soaked formula with an exceptional antioxidant and vitamin compound.
  • Oil free foundation.
  • If your skin is dull, this foundation gives a shiny look.
  • The formula is Lightweight​​​​
  • Safe for sensitive skin
Cover Girl


  • Gives great coverage.
  • After applying, the look stays natural and skin satays safe.
  • You will get health flawless skin.


  • Not good for oily skin.
Amaly age foundation

Almay Age Essentials Makeup is the multi-benefit foundation, and you will love this foundation. The foundation is anti-aging and moisturizer. The SPF is 15. When you use the foundation on your skin, your skin will glow and help to look young. This foundation works with lines, helps to smooth the skin and keeps the hydration level normal. By these actions, your skin looks firm and young. Your skin will fell lightweight, and the foundation is medium coverage foundation. Your skin tone and the complex will look flawless and shiny. High in a quality foundation and safe for sensitive skin.


  • Gives a fair look.
  • Has multi benefit option like anti – aging, moisturize and SPF 15.
  • The coverage is light to medium.
  • Gives glowing young skin.
  • It is perfect for full daywear
  • You will get nine shades of this foundation.
  • Gives glowing young skin.


  • Helps to improve the skin.
  • Provides great coverage.
  • Best makeup for very sensitive skin.
  • Helps to look young


  • Sometimes not works for acne prone skin.

If you want your skin to look perfect without any filter, then you have to use this wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation. You will experience a flawless skin with matt look. Your skin will get perfect after every use.


  • High in quality makeup.
  • Gives a light adjusting complex in a skin, which stays perfect in any condition.
  • Works in every skin with high performance.
  • After applying, the skin gets matt look and soft finish.
  • Keeps your skin perfect.
wet n wild


  • Best foundation for every skin.
  • Skin stays flawless.
  • Gives Matt look.
  • Improves skin condition.


  • Sometimes in the photo, the look does not come, as you want.

It is a fact that if you apply some makeup, the look gives a fake look. But if you use Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation Makeup, you will enjoy a flawless natural look. This makeup is perfect for every skin even sensitive skin. If you use this makeup, you will enjoy long lasting and shine control 12 hr wear makeup. Gives the best coverage.


  • The foundation is extremely light.
  • Best for any skin type.
  • Your look will be natural
  • Pores get away, and the natural tone perfectly matches.

If you are working person and want to stay decked up for a whole day, then try L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Face Pro-Glow Foundation. This foundation is perfect for long wear and keeps your face hydrated and glowing. This light and long-lasting creamy foundation give a smooth look with the glowing finish. The coverage is medium, and your skin will be flawless. The perfect foundation for every skin type.


  • Perfect for long wear.
  • Your skin will glow for a whole day.
  • The foundation stays for 24 hr
  • Keeps your skin flawless and smooth.

Loreal Foundation


  • Great foundation for dry skin.
  • Awesome foundation in surprising price.
  • Gives glowy natural effect.
  • No problem to use daily.


  • Coverage is not proper as it is thick and sticky.
fit me plus

If you are looking for perfect tone and texture feeling with foundation, then go for Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation Makeup. You will enjoy natural matt looking skin with this makeup. Your uneven skin tone, oily skin will turn into natural matt looking skin.


  • Lightweight foundation for the normal and oily skin.
  • Fits every tone.
  • Eliminates pore and gives a natural look.


  • Helps to give flawless skin.
  • High in the quality foundation.
  • Gives smooth finish look.
  • Reasonable in price.


  • Some skin doesn't work in the shade.

Skin problem is the main thing to think before applying foundation. And common problems of skin is acne. Not all foundation has the acne-fighting element. If you have acne, use e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation. They are perfect for acne prone skin. The foundation has Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, gentle aloe, and camphor. These ingredients are acne fighter and help the acne marks go away. Your skin tone, acne mark just vanishes from the skin. You will get flawless skin without acne scars. Everyday use will improve your skin.


  • Coverage foundation is flawless.
  • The elements are perfect for acne fighting.
  • The scar, acne marks, and uneven skin tone get the full cover with the foundation.
  • Perfect for every skin.

e.f.l foundation


  • Good coverage
  • Great for acne skin.
  • Improves skin condition
  • Gives flawless skin.


  • We didn't detect anything
N.Y.X Foundation

If you have bad marks on the skin and you need it to hide it badly, then use NYX Cosmetics Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation. You will feel confident, and your skin will look natural and fresh. The coverage gives the best finish looking, and it stays for long. The power of this foundation is too cool. People with discolored skin and tattoos can cover them with this foundation. With this foundation, you will get the matte, soft, flawless and beautiful look.


  • Gives full coverage.
  • Expert in hiding marks.
  • Matte look with the natural finish​​​​
  • Gives soft and flawless skin



  • Those who have skin problem can keep them covered with this foundation.
  • Gives you natural looking flawless skin.
  • Good foundation for every skin type.


  • Sometimes it feels heavy on the skin.

This foundation is liquid but can be applied by a sponge with the easy tap. The foundation gives you a glowing skin. You will get a medium coverage foundation. You can select which coverage you want by tapping. If you want light, then tap once, and if you want more makeup then tap more to have coverage. Every skin type foundation and has 16 skin shades. Sensitive skin is safe with this foundation.


  • The liquid foundation is designed in the cushion.
  • Gives a fresh looking glowing skin.
  • Buildable coverage
L'Oreal Paris True Match


  • The foundation is the hydrate. Gives the skin wet look.
  • Your skin seems flawless with this foundation.
  • Perfect for dry skin.
  • Blends well.


  • Bad idea for the oily skin.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint

If you want to use the best brand and pamper your skin, then use Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint. Your skin will stay wet and fresh for the whole day. This foundation is one of the best on for skin, and it is working on the skin for some years. The foundation is weightless and keeps the skin pore free. Even your complexion will have a new look if you use this foundation. You will get ten different shade.


  • This foundation is liquid and best for dry skin.
  • Skin stays fresh and wet.
  • Skin stays refresh for 24 hours
  • After using this foundation, no other foundation will be required


  • Hydrating and light makeup.
  • Easy to apply and gives the smooth feeling.
  • Blends well.
  • Amazing foundation for sensitive skin.


  • Sometimes gives the dry feeling.

Final Verdict

In the party or a meeting, if you don’t look beautiful or proper, you may face ignorance. And makeup helps you to boost confidence when you are in stress. You may know, when women stay depressed to let them play with cosmetics, you will see a happy one. Foundations are mainly to pamper your skin with a new and fresh look. So you have to select the best drugstore foundation. Because skin is the most sensitive part of the body part. You have to be very careful while picking the foundation for your skin. If your skin gets damaged, then nothing in the world can recover it. And if your skin color and foundation shade do not match then your look will get completely changed and you will face humiliation. Try to get the perfect foundation for your perfect skin. Use the foundation properly and stay beautiful.

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