Best Drugstore Primer 2022

Drugstore primers are essential for flawless skin and long lasting beauty. A primer is a cosmetic cream or lotion applied to deliver fantastic coverage, moisturize skin, absorb oil and keeps skin beautiful for a long time.

It blurs out all the imperfections covers enlarged pores and make the skin to look matte all day. Primers change the application of foundation to be more even, smooth and last for a very long time.

Drugstore primers are made up of ingredients like Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, antioxidants, minerals, silicone based formula and other ingredients which give your makeup a keen perfection.

Nowadays, markets are full of makeup products. Different kind of primers carries a different kind of purpose. Eyeshadow primers, pore primers, mascara primers, lip primers are various kind of primers with different purposes.

The perfect definition of primers is they give perfection to your makeup and enhances your beauty.

Many people select the primers without caring about qualities.

Wasting your time and energy for a low-quality time is totally not acceptable. Here is a buying guide you can go through to get a perfect idea about drugstore primers and top ten drugstore primers available in the present market.

Best Drugstore Primers 2022


Buying Guides For Drugstore Primers

There are many companies that manufacture different type of drugstore primers. You can find that there are a wide variety of drugstore primers present in the consumer market. Purchasing the best one is a major decision in which you need to learn the best qualities of primers. Learn the basics about drugstore primers in this buying guide.

1. How did we pick:

pickingAfter doing research for more than 100 hours with our expert team, we have contacted different manufacturers in the cosmetic field. We have collected huge data about skin types and primers.

We have spoken to dermatologists about skincare and maintenance. We have learned the importance of primers and we know that primers are the basic foundation for your whole makeup.

We have conducted a series of tests to choose the best one. Here are the top qualities of drugstore primers that make them the best!


primer formula

Primers are made up of various types of formulas. You need to remember that selection of primers formula should be based upon your requirements.

Cream and liquid primers give you the best in dry climates. In dry climates, your skin tends to break and cause damage to the makeup.Cream and liquid primers protect your skin from breaking and evenly spreads the makeup.

Gel and spray on primers suit the best for humid areas which protect oil and humidity. Primers are very light in weight and simple to use. Silicon primers are useful for photoshoots and people who need professional makeup.

2. Reasons to trust us:

Trust Us

We know that selecting the best primer is a very tough task and it is a major foundation for makeup. In our journey of selecting the best primer, we had a very rough time choosing the one from thousands of primers available.

To select the best one, we have contacted specializes in Dermatology field and have noted all their main qualities about the best primer. We have read different types of books about skin and makeup troubles.

We have done intense research about the best primers and learned the importance of drugstore primers. We have conducted all types of tests and finalized the products in our list. All the products in our list are of high quality, works like a wonder and gives you gorgeous look.

3. Why you should get this:

gettDrugstore primers play a major role in the makeup process. Beauty and outer appearance impact the impression of the person. Makeup gives you self-confidence and makes you look more beautiful.

Primers cover all the imperfections in your skin and give the best coverage evenly. Few primers also protect you from harmful sun rays. Eye shadow primers optimize the color of eye shadow and give you a 10x color appearance.

Mascara primers make your lashes to appear thick and long. Face primers cover enlarged pores on your skin and make a foundation spread easily. You must get a drugstore primer to avoid mistakes in the makeup.

4. How we tested:


In order to select the best drugstore primers, we have filtered many products in the market. We have researched different kind of drugstore primers from different companies. Combining our research with the products, we have analyzed the features of drugstore primers.

We have selected top fifty best primers based on all the data and filtered them based on the ideal qualities. We have finalized top ten best drugstore primers and took them to our laboratory where we have performed series of clinical and manual tests on them.

We have selected people with different types of skin for our testing process. We have applied our products to ten people and analyzed changes in their skin. A

ll the products worked like wonder and gave the best results. These primers gave the best coverage, moisturized skin and covered all the large pores. We are highly satisfied with the results and finalized these ten primers.

5. Care and maintenance

Primer for skin care Drugstore primers are easy to use and you need to know the way of application. Apply the primer evenly and make sure it has full coverage. Primers improve the quality of your skin and give you best look. Make sure to clean your makeup with soap and water after a long day.


Types of Primers:

Liquid primers

Liquid primers are very light in texture and you can easily apply it. They can cover your skin with a light layer and smoothes your skin. You can choose this primer if you have normal skin type.

Spray on primers:

Spray on primers are very easy to use. These are made up of lightweight formulas and spreads evenly on the skin. You can use this primer if you need a simple coverage.

Cream primers:

Cream primers are thick in texture and spread like a lotion. Cream primers fill all the pores and fine lines. Most of the primers come as cream primers because of good texture.

Mineral infused primers

Mineral infused primers have liquid texture and the formula is made up of minerals and vitamins. These are specially designed to support skin health. You can use this primer if you need more minerals for good skin health. People who are suffering from skin related problems can use this primer to reduce the skin problems.

Eye shadow primers:

Eye shadow primers are a kind of primers used to enhance the eye shadow color. You can get eye shadow primers if you need to get the best look of eye shadow.


Primer Coverage

When it comes to primers, coverage is a major point to check for. Not all primers do the same coverage. Different primers have different coverage ranges. Some primers only cover the upper side of the skin and few primers cover deep areas of the skin. Coverage should be based on the skin type. If you have skin with enlarged pores, you can choose the one with full coverage.


Primer Shades

Primers come in different shades and colors. you can select the shade based on your skin color and your needs. Choosing the suitable shade is very important to point because it affects the makeup base.


Ingredients Prime

Drugstore primers are should be made up of high-quality materials. Chemicals used in the primers should be skin friendly, gentle and non-toxic in nature.

Some primers are made up of formula which is oil free, talc free and fragrance-free. Few primers are made up of natural ingredients which are totally gentle to the skin. All the products on our list are made up of the best quality materials and tested by dermatologists.

Know your needs:

Need To know

Before selecting the best primer, you have to note down your needs and requirements. First of all, check your skin type and type of coverage you need. As various kind of primers works with variation you need to know what you need.

The latest technology is designing primers with photo chromatic pigments which you can use for professional photoshoots. If you have large pores, wrinkles and fine lines you can get primer which gives full skin coverage.


Primer Texture

The texture of the drugstore primers should be smooth and easy to apply evenly. Drugstore primers come in three types of textures Liquid, cream and gel textures.

Gel and liquid textures are more easy to apply than cream texture. The products in our list have a smooth texture and you can apply them very easily.


It is hard to see the makeup fading up in the mid day. As primer is the base coat, it should last for a very long time. Experts recommend primers which last for more than 20 hours. As base coat gives the look for foundation make sure it lasts for a long time.

Easy to apply:

The application of primers should be easy to wear. You can use brush, fingers or sponge to apply the primer. The texture of the primer should be easy to apply evenly.

Removal process:

You need to use soap or makeup removal to remove the primers. You need to deeply cleanse all the primer to avoid any sort of pimples and blackheads.


weather look

You have to check the weather you live in before selecting the primer. Primers save your makeup in extreme weather. Hot, cool, humid no matter what kind of weather a suitable primer always protects your makeup from the weather.



Primers have the unique quality of maintaining your skin refreshed all day. You can be confident and refreshed all day with no excess amount of oil. It also moisturizes your skin and keeps your skin healthy.


The first step of application is started covering your face with primer. You can use sponge, blender or fingers and you can dab the primer all over your face.


Most of the beauty products last for a pretty good time. Drugstore primers may last for two to ten years. Make sure the durability is good and it lasts for a long time.

Check whether it suits your skin or not:

weather look

After application, check for any sort of allergies on your skin. All the products in our list are the best but if you have sensitive skin you may have to choose the best one with more care. Few primers are specially designed as noncomedogenic which do not cause any blackheads and pimples. As primers reduce excess amount of oil, pimples, and blackheads.


Top 10 Best Drugstore Primers

As there are thousands of different types of drugstore primers available in the present market, it is a very tough task for women to select the best one. It takes a lot of time and energy to select the best one. So, here are the top ten best drugstore primers chosen after intense research and testing series.

#1 Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review

Rimmel is a wonderful primer and our most favorite primer in this list.It is designed with the perfect formula which works great on your skin. It blends evenly into your skin and covers t zone to control the shine.

Apply the primer evenly and allow the primer to absorb into your skin. It is easy to apply and enhances your skin beauty.


Ingredients used in this primer are talc, hydrogenated pol decene, xanthan gum, glycerin, magnesium sulfate are the primary ingredients which control oily shine on your face and gives the skin good look.

  • Blends evenly into the skin.
  • Designed with an ultra lightweight formula which helps in the coverage of pores
  • Gives the skin soft and matte complexion.



  • Gives soft skin.
  • Controls shine for 8 hours.



  • Smells like ink

#2 Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer Review

Maybelline company is one of the most popular brands in the present market.

This company creates everything that gives perfection for beauty. Maybelline primer is a non-comedogenic primer which can take care of your skin and tends to decreases blackheads in your pores.

This is a lightweight primer and you can feel the weightless texture of this primer.


  • Blurs all the pores in your skin and leaves your skin with a silky smooth matte finish.
  • The noncomedogenic formula which will not create any blackheads in your pores
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Keeps your skin moisturized all the day.
  • Gives smooth skin surface.
  • Gives your skin the best look.



  • Blurs pores.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Erases pores



  • Not suitable for oily skin

#3 e.l.f Studio mineral infused face primer Review

Studio primer is a professional level primer which is highly recommended by experts to get a flawless appearance.

A unique feature about this primer is it is a mineral infused face primer which consists of minerals in it. This powerful primer reduces excess oil, covers pores, flaky dryness, wrinkles, and fine lines.

It is a multipurpose skin primer which gives your skin long lasting satin finish. The formulation of this primer is highly recommended by experts to give your skin everything it needs. Minerals in this primer give your skin good look and protect your skin.


  • The powerful combination of this primer reduces excess oil and gives your skin smooth finish.
  • Covers enlarged pores.
  • Suits best for the traveling time as it lasts for a long time.



  • Powerful primer.
  • Best quality.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.



  • Causes break on cheeks sometimes.

#4 NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler Review

Nyx cosmetics is a popular cosmetic company established in the year of 1990. All the cosmetic products of this company are very popular and give you professional level makeup look.

Nyx primer is one of the best products of this company specially designed to cover all your pores on the skin. It is a pore filler primer with an oil free formulation. It gives you perfect pre foundation base coat which gives skin smooth texture.

It consists of vitamin E which enhances your skin and gives smooth look. You can get this product if you want all in one primer with all the features that your skin love.


  • Pore filler primer which fills all the enlarged pores
  • Talc free primer.
  • Oil free formula.
  • Consists of Vitamin E.



  • Reduces pores.
  • Enhances your skin.



  • Powdery texture.

#5 REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer Review

Revlon photo ready primer is a lightweight primer which gives you softer skin and perfect skin texture. It is specially designed with photo chromatic pigments which reflect the light to minimize flaws.

It is a photo ready primer which gives you flawless skin. Photo Chromatic pigments reflect all the light and make your skin more perfect. you can simply apply this primer alone or you can wear it under foundation.


  • Consists of photo chromatic pigments which reflects and diffuses light to minimize flaws. This feature helps during a photo shoot to cover all your flaws.
  • It gives perfect canvas
  • Covers all the skin evenly.
  • Lightweight the gel which consists of pink tint smoothes
  • Oil free texture.
  • Talc free texture.
  • Fragrance free primer.



  • Reduces pores.
  • Gives you photo ready look.



  • Greasy texture.

#6 N.Y.C. New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer Review

Nyc Primer is a perfect primer to gives your skin an even tone. It is a lightweight primer with a perfect formula to cover all your imperfections. It boosts radiance and revives dull looking skin by giving it refreshing look.

It gives you a gorgeous looking skin after application. If you have any problem with dull skin, you can use this primer to lighten up your skin type. You can apply foundation after applying this primer to enhance the perfection.


  • Lasts all the day.
  • Gives you smooth and moisturized skin
  • It minimizes skin imperfections
  • Decreases appearance of dark circles, pores, and lines.



  • Moisturizes skin
  • Decreases pores



  • Shimmery texture.

#7 L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primers Anti-Redness Primer Review

Loreal Paris is a professional level cosmetic company that always delivers perfect cosmetic products. Loreal Paris primer is a professional level primer which is a secret of professional makeup artists.

It is a secret of glowing and flawless skin. It is a color correcting primer which immediately corrects the color and improves the complexion. It is formulated to correct all the imperfections in your skin.


  • It illuminates and adds light complexion
  • Neutralizes redness
  • Gives the skin instant radiance



  • Gives you glowing skin
  • Reduces redness.



  • Dry patches.

#8 DHC Velvet Skin Coat Review

DHC primer is a transparent silicone gel which fills all the pores, wrinkles, and fine lines perfectly.

If you are looking for a primer to cover your enlarged pores and fine lines this is the best primer for you. It gives you refine skin texture, creates silky smooth make up a base, fills all pores and fine lines and lasts for a long time.

The texture of this primer is the gelly type which you can easily spread the primer all over the skin. This primer gives you natural gorgeous matt complexion.


  • Fills pores and fine lines.
  • Designed as transparent silicone gel
  • Gives skin even looking matt complexion.



  • Perfect primer.
  • Gives the best base



  • Dry texture.

#9 NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base Review

Nyx eyeshadow base is a base used for eye shadow. It is a cream based eye primer which is available in three tones. It helps the eye shadow color to last a long time.

White creamy primer enhances the color to appear 100x more vivid. If you are looking for the best eyeshadow base, then this product is just for you. Get the most beautiful eyes by applying this base.


  • It is available in three tones.
  • Helps you to last longer time



  • Enhances eye shadow color
  • Easy to use.



  • Not suitable for oily lid

Final Verdict

Here are the top best drugstore primers available in the current market. Based on your needs and requirements, you can pick the best one which suits you. Drugstore primers cover all your dark spots and imperfections in your beauty which gives you beautiful look. Beauty products may make or break your beauty. So, always be smart and logical in the selection of beauty products.

Happy shopping!

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