12 Questions Answered About How To Use Facial Oil

Do you know that facial oils are the top secret for getting most healthy and radiant skin? Facial oils are contributing for flawless skin from thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used a wide variety of oils to keep skin moisturized and vibrant. By using face oil you can clear pores of excess sebum, reduce irritation, redness, inflammation, and acne. They are the ideal solution for the rough, dry and flaky skin. No matter what type of skin you have, face oils penetrates into your skin to protect and builds a resilient skin layer. There are different types of facial oils and different methods of using them. Learning the correct way to apply them can help you to care better for your skin.​​​​​

Here are some of the tips that explain to you how to use facial oil:

Basic tips:

Applying oils to face needs a good technique and process to achieve best results. Depending on your skin type, you need to use oils before bed so that skin can soak overnight and gives protection throughout the day. Face oils with antioxidants, vitamin E, Vitamin C, nutrients, and serums increases your skin’s complexion and makes your skin to shine all day. You can also use face oils both in the morning and night times. Applying oil before going to sleep in the night and before your sunscreen in your make up routine during morning times can keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Amount of oil:

Too much of anything can be a harm. Face oils are rich in nutrients and minerals which make them highly concentrated. One to three drops of face oil is enough to apply and cover your whole face completely that gives all the benefits your skin needs.

Dad, rub or pat oils into your skin:

facial oil

In ancient days people used to rub oils deeply into the skin in the process of oil cleansing. But modern face oils may not need that much of pressure and force. You can pat or dab the oils into your pores easily and cover all the skin’s surface. This process helps your skin to absorb all the oil into your skin and gain benefits quicker.

The right way to use them:

You can massage your skin daily morning before going to bath. It is an ancient Indian technique of massaging the oil before the bath to make your skin well toned. You can also mix oils into your serums or moisturizer to add them to your daily skin care routine. Argan oil, jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Rosehip oil are few types of oils which feel very light on your skin.

  • First, clean your skin with makeup wipes or tissues. Face oils usually cleanse all the makeup and dust from the skin. But, oils absorbs best on the skin that is exfoliated and properly clean. So, if you want to gain best results clean your face before application.
  • Put few drops of oil on your finger tips and apply it on your face evenly. Distribute it first all over your face, cover all the areas and avoid any dry areas. Once you feel your face is fully covered, then start massaging slowly.
  • Spend extra time to massage and press it into the pores. Long massage time can help your skin tissues to absorb the oil deeply and take all the nutrients inside. It also increases blood circulation in your face and gives you relaxation. Do not let any greasy texture left on your skin and massage it evenly. If you want another application, you can take few drops again and can massage over your face. Massage is the only way to help the oil to sink into your skin.

Based on your skin type:

Face oils a re highly concentrated with the balance amounts of nutrients, nourishment’s, and extracts. High-quality oils are made up of best ingredients and contain 100% best benefits. Incorrect usage of face oils can cause irritation, inflammation, and dehydration. So, before using them you must know how to use them. During the selection, choose the oil that suits well and blends quickly into your skin type. One of the main thing that helps you to get best results is choosing the right oil that suits your skin type.

1. For dry skin:

Dry skin is really irritating and can cause huge skin damage. The ultimate antidote for dry skin is using face oils. Face oils nourish dry skin and restore the moisture of your skin. If you have dry skin, you can use face oils as your daily routine skin care. During night time, you can apply these oils directly on your skin or you can mix few drops in your nighttime moisturizer. Before applying the oil, cleanse the skin and mix 4-6 drops of oil into your nighttime moisturizer. Apply the mixture to your face and you can wake up with a smooth and moisture skin.

2. For Oily skin:

It is a bit tricky task for using face oils for the oily skin. Many people afraid to apply oil on oil prone skin. You need to select certain oils which can actually reduce the oil production of your skin. Dermatologists recommend facial oils to reduce excess oil on your face, cleanse your pores and help you to get rid of acne. Do not over use the oil and apply a thin layer over the surface of your skin.

3. For Normal Skin:

Normal skin type can be oily or dry based on the climates. Normal skin needs less amount of oils and you can use them by adding it in your moisturizer. You can also apply it directly on your face depending upon your skin.

4. Damaged/sensitive/acne skin:

Damage skin type is a harsh type and needs a lot of extra care to protect the skin from further damage. Apply the facial oil and massage it in before applying your sunscreen. Use only a few drops of face oil every morning. Facial oils have antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that protect your skin from breakouts, rashes, and harsh damages.

So, Now you have got to know how to use the facial oils. Oils are the best gift for your skin and the best way to pamper your skin. They provide skin with extremely concentrated vital nutrients and nourishment’s. Just use them correctly and achieve glowing and healthy skin!

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