27 Ways To Improve Makeup For Beginners

I was always curious about learning to do makeup on my own. I have been to those days when you can never get anything right with your look, but luckily now I can pull off any look I want at any day. I often get asked how do I do my makeup? So, I have decided to make a comprehensive guide on makeup for beginners. I will also include a list of tips and tricks that will help you to improve your makeup skills, and you will never be called a beginner anymore. So let’s get started.

Makeup isn’t just brushing up some powder and creams on your skin; it’s art. So, to get good at it will take you some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to follow this guide as it will make the process of your learning easier.

How To Do Makeup [For Beginner]


Before you approach your makeup kit and get started with it, you need to know a few things. You need to know your face and skin type. You get these right; you will win half the battle before even starting. In general, there is four types of skins [dry, sensitive, oily, and combination]. With that, you must know your skin tone as well. You might have a warm tone on your skin a cool tone or a neutral tone. The shape of your face also plays a vital role when it comes to makeup. You could normally have an Oval, Round, Square or Heart-shaped face.

 List of essential kits needed for beginners’ makeup.

makeup kits

Once you figure out all these, then you need to start thinking about the kits you will need to start your makeup. I will share the essential makeup tools you will need right off the bet.


Honey, you need to invest in the right tools of your trade. Brushes aren’t just for blushes, and they serve your whole makeup session. So, if you don’t want to get upset, you need to buy the best brush set available on the market. These days there are brushes for all part of your makeup. You can just go to Amazon and purchase the brush set with the highest review.


No matter what kind of makeup you are trying to get, light or heavy; primer and moisturizer are a lifesaver. Many people consider that they don’t need it, but this helps your makeup to stay put in any weather. Primer works as a base for your foundation and darling; you don’t want to ignore it at any cost. Nowadays, you can buy moisturized primer. So, you can save money by getting the one that has both ingredients.


Foundation is the thing that helps your skin to look flawless even if you have a healthy, good looking skin. When you need to hide blemishes, bumps and dark under eye skin, concealer is your life saver. People recently started using it many can not do their regular makeup without it. Concealer is available in a different form such as a stick, cream, and liquids. You should pick up foundation and concealer based on your skin type.


Bronzer and highlighter are opposite to each other. However, you can’t skip either of them.  Bronzer helps you to add shadow and depth of field when highlighter will help you to bring out a particular part of your face. You can consider these as your brightening and shadow tool for makeup.


Eyebrows require a lot of attention while doing your makeup. You will have to do them correctly otherwise everything else will go in vein. To save you the day you will need some good eyebrow pomade and a good spoolie brush.


Your eyes define the beauty of your face. To give your eyes some definition with makeup you will need to grab a colorful eye-shadow palette matching your skin tone. You should pick the opposite pop out palette color than your skin.


Eyeliners and mascara are the tools that enhance the shape and color of your eyes. You should be careful about using them, but you can not skip them. A simple use is always good, as this can change your look for good or bad.


No makeup kit is ever complete without some bright and smooth lip colors. You should consider getting the nude, and red color as this will have you covered for your daily use to formal occasions.


When you are not in the mood for some lip color, you should consider using lip gloss to get you the wet look. Smaller lips can the bumped up by proper use and a combination of liner and lip colors. Liners are used as boundaries so that the colors don’t bleed out.


When you make mistakes, Q-tip will be your lifesaver. All you need to do is to dab this into lotion and erase your mess. And when you feel too lazy to get wash off your face, makeup wipes will save you the day. So, don’t forget this into your makeup box.

I have listed all the essential tool you will need to tackle day to day makeup. When you have all these listed kits in your arsenal, you are all set to win the first fight of the day.

Step By Step Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

At this stage, we will go through the process of simple daily makeup. You always want to start with a clean face, so get your favorite face wash and be ready for the makeup.


If you are from a cold place, try to use a warm towel to dry-off your face. This step will help increase blood flow in your skin, and you won’t have to worry about getting unwanted wrinkles.

Start With Base.

You need to picture yourself the look you want to achieve with makeup. Apply moisturizer and primer to your face gently; these will protect your skin from getting oily during the day and also help the other makeup elements to stick to your skin.

Use Concealer.

If you have acne spots, bumps, redness or blemishes on your face don’t forget to use concealer. It will help hide those and give you a natural look. If you have an unhealthy skin and want to get long lasting assurance, then you should consider applying some foundation. While buying foundation, use your neck or jawline as a reference so that you get a good color match. Always trail before making your purchase. Don’t forget to use primer or concealer on the dark skin under your eyes.

Now Do The Eyebrows


So your face is covered with foundation, and you have already used a powder brush to even out any excess elements. Now is the time to do your eyebrows. Find out the best eyebrow shape for your face type. See if you need to fill in your brows, if yes then use an eyebrow pencil then consider whether you need to pluck or not. A spoolie brush will come in handy to clear-up any unwanted hairs from the brows. Try to mimic the natural stroke if you want to use the pencil, but if your brows are very thin, then you must use eyebrow pomade to volume up.

Next the Eyelash


Use an eyelash curler to boost the look of your lashes. Now, you need to pick up the mascara wand and curl it through your lashes. Remember, a thinner brush will get you longer lashes, and thicker brush will give you more volume. It’s up to you, what you want to achieve with it.



Eyeshadow is one of the most important parts of your makeup. Since you are a beginner, try going for the neutral color. Nude color will suit a lot of common skin type. Use your finger or a shadow brush and make small swipes across your eyelid. When using the brush try to achieve a contrast of two colors by dabbing softly across your eye.



Once you are done with eyeshadow, grab the angle brush and line your lashes with dark shades. Don’t worry about messing the look just follow your lashes for a perfect line up.



Now time to add some blushes to your happy face. Add blush to the furry brush, smile and apply the blush on your cheeks. You want to go soft as we are trying to achieve a simple look. Overdoing the blushes might get you ready for an occasion.


translucent powder

If you have a long day to cover, you should apply some translucent powder over your makeup gently. It will assure your overall makeup to hold up also powder often helps you even out if you have used anything extra on your face.

Lips Makeover

Lips Makeover

You can not complete your makeup without doing your lips. It’s up to personal preference whether you want to use lipstick or lipgloss. Try to go for neutral colors such as Nude or Red if you consider putting on lipstick or else use the Lipgloss to rock the natural look. Don’t forget to use the liner as the boundary of your lips. You can also use lip liner to boost the look of your lips if you have thin lips.

Make sure to check your face in bright light to ensure you didn’t miss anything. If you followed all the steps, we are done here, and you are all set to rock the day.

Awesome Makeup Tips For Beginners

To get good at doing makeup, you will need consistency, practice and have the ability to imagine. You need to visualize the look you want to achieve before you start doing your makeup. I will now share some quick tips that will help you fight the daily makeup battle.

  • Go online and online and search for “Face Type,” “Skin Type” and “Eye Type.” Make a note of your types. It will help you while shopping your makeup kits and during your makeup session.
  • Know about your complexion; You need to know what you and to hide before choosing your foundation.
  • Don’t go for high-end makeup at the beginning, buy from drugstores.
  • Please invest in brush and sponges, don’t rely on your fingers
  • Don’t overdo anything; you want to look as natural as you can.
  • Use eyeshadow primer before you apply the eyeshadow.
  • Don’t look straight into the mirror. Instead, try to tilt your head up while you are using eyeliner.
  • Want to add some height to the eyebrow arch? Try using highlighter right under the eyebrow.
  • Don’t use liquid eyeliner when you are in a rush.
  • Keep your eyeliner or brow pencils in the freezer; this will help you while sharpening them
  • Do the eye shadow first then do your foundation. It will save you time also from the sprinkle of eye shadow on your foundation.
  • If you feel your makeup is too light, wear lipstick to add some colors.
  • Use a lip scrub to get a matte look with lipstick. It will help you prevent dryness after wearing your lipsticks.
  • When you mess up with your eyeliner, use the Q-tip with some lotion.
  • Don’t wear your makeup in dark room. Trust me it will save you a lot of headaches.
  • Don’t have much inspiration for makeup? Go to Pinterest or Youtube and find out thousands of look to try out.
  • Don’t forget to clean your makeup before going to bed. Don’t be lazy and save your skin from dangerous problems

That’s it; you are done with your Makeup For Beginners lesson. Follow the steps, practice a lot and be inspired by others. Don’t be afraid to try different looks and be out of your comfort zone. Makeup is just for mental happiness; the real beauty lies in your heart.

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